Quick Overview

Data2CRM.API is a RESTful interface designed to provide a unified programmatic access to a plenty of data in 17+ CRM platforms. The service enables with the predictable URLs for accessing the resources and uses built-in HTTP features to receive the commands and return the responses. These capabilities enhance the communication within a wide variety of environments: command-line utilities, gadgets, browser URL bar, etc.

The API of the service accepts JSON in the requests and returns JSON content in the responses, including the errors. Besides, the UTF-8 character encoding is supported for both requests and responses.

Sign up for a free account and get your API Key to start CRM API integration.

You can monitor Data2CRM.API status updates at status.api2crm.com.

Where to Begin with?

Create an account at app.api2crm.com or sign in with GitHub. After that, you’ll receive an email - click the link to confirm your registration.

Once the account confirmed, you can login Developers’ Portal, and on the main dashboard you will find your unique user key parameter X-API2CRM-USER-KEY. It will be used for the authentication of your API calls.

Note on Pagination

Pagination is an important element in operating the queries for multiple objects. The requests for large result sets can timeout or be truncated. That’s why the pagination is strongly encouraged to apply for you and your users as it will ensure the best experience in using Data2CRM.API.

Happy coding!